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The Most Bizarre Fashion Trends

When we think about fashion, we instantly visualize poise, sophistication, and charm. However, it’s not always like that. Time and again we come across bizarre fashion trends that make us wonder why? Why would anyone think this was a good idea? We’ve got here for you some of the weirdest fashion trends of modern times that truly has us concerned about the mental processing of their designers.

Knee high denim boots:

Denim is a classic fabric that is worn in many different ways. All of us adore denim pants, shirts, and jackets. But if there’s one thing that we don’t like made out of denim its knee-high boots! Although the idea does not sound bad, in real life these shoes look absolutely ridiculous. So much so that even the fashion and style goddess Jennifer Lopez couldn’t pull them off.

Clear Jeans:

Since the fashion industry started using denim to make boots we were apparently left with not enough fabric to make jeans and the designers figured why not make clear pants? As bright as the idea may have seemed to the creators, it is absolutely ridiculous to any sane person. There is literally no point in wearing these since you could basically get the same look without wearing any pants at all.

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Clear boots:

If there’s anything worse than clear jeans, its clear boots. We saw this trend on the streets of LA quite a lot the previous year. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian chose to wear these and make a fashion statement. However, ended up looking like they were wearing a plastic bag to cover their feet instead of actual shoes. And let’s not even talk about how disgusting these shoes look if your feet are feeling sweaty. Yikes!

Thong jeans:

It seems like the western designers are adamant about ruining jeans for all us when we look at what they put out on the runway. Yet another example of nonfunctional jeans is “thong jeans” Which, as the name suggests, look like long underwear. These “pants” serve absolutely no purpose in terms of function or style. Even terming these good for nothing strands of fabric as “pants” is a disgrace.

Car mat skirt:

Launched by the acclaimed Spanish brand, Balenciaga, the car mat skirt had us shook! (in the worst way possible). Creativity, inspiration is one thing but literally taking a car mat and sewing it into a skirt has got our mind-boggling. But hey, if you’re into the look don’t bother getting it at Balenciaga, just take your car mats to the tailor.

The double jeans:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear two pairs of jeans at once? No? Well, then just have a look at this image and you’ve got the answer. These jeans have truly left us speechless. All we’re left with is one question. Why?

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