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Style Basics That Are Worth The Investment

We talk plenty about high fashion and unique clothing items to add to your wardrobe. However, sometimes we struggle to put an outfit despite all the “cool” pieces we’ve got hanging around. This happens because all of us get so involved in the search of the new new, that we often overlook the styling basics. Every wardrobe needs some essential clothing items that are key for completing any outfit. These pieces form the basis of all looks. Since such pieces are bound to be some of your most worn items it is crucial that you invest in the right ones. However, it can be hard to decide what exactly is worth the investment. If you too have the same question in mind, check out the list below and find your answer.

White and black cotton t-shirt:

When talking about fashion basics, black and white cotton t-shirts are definitely a top mention. Such shirts are worn with all sorts of outfits and it’s a good idea to have a couple of them in your wardrobe. A comfortable, well fitted t-shirt can be your best friend and hence we definitely suggest investing in them.

Black cotton pants:

In the bottoms category, a pair of black cotton pants are a must-have for every woman. These pants can be worn with your everyday tops and tees for a casual look or can be dressed up when paired with button-down shirts and blazers. There are various styles you could opt from when shopping for black cotton pants ranging from slim fit, boot cut to straight and loose styles. We recommend getting at least two of your favorite ones.


Another everyday essential item is the basic pair of tights. Although every brand out there is making and selling them for low prices, the comfort and ease of good quality tights is unlike any other. If you value your comfort and want to stop replacing those tights that stretch out in just a couple days, then definitely consider investing in two of them(black and white).

Belle flats:

Now that we’ve got the clothing out of the way, let’s talk about shoes. A pair of shoes that are an essential in every closet is belle flats. Belle flats are the most versatile shoe style since they can be paired with both pants and dresses. These shoes are perfect for casual and formal wear and can be worn in both day and night time. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes to have. In fact, we recommend having one pair to keep at your workplace for times you can no longer manage to wear your heels or sandals and need a comfier replacement.


Another basic shoe that is important to have around is a pair of good sneakers. Sneakers are ideal for any casual look and can easily be paired with pants as well as dresses. The great news is that sneakers are hugely trending right now which means you have a vast variety of them to choose from. They are currently available in all sorts of different colors and styles. However, we recommend that you not get lured by all the fun styles and opt for the classic white.


Sleek pumps are the shoes that will put together all of your formal outfits. Hence a must-have for everyone. There is a huge variety of pumps available in the market. They can be found at all different price points. However, cheap, badly made heels can be your worst nightmare. Hence we highly suggest you put your money into some good ones. As for colors, black and nude are the best options if you wish to get the most worth for your buck.

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