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Simple Work Outfit Ideas

For anyone who has a full-time job, the process of deciding what to wear every day is a serious struggle. Every single day you find yourself fussing in with your clothes trying to get a decent outfit together. Since we know how hard that can be, we’ve got for you some simple everyday work outfit ideas to help you out!

Button-down shirt and cotton pants:

The easiest outfit to sport to the office is a simple button-down shirt with a pair of crisp cotton pants. This outfit is formal as is, but if you’ve got an important meeting to attend you can also throw on a blazer on top. You can play up this outfit to your liking and style your button-down shirt with different styles of pants. The boot cut pants are very trendy these days and an ideal fit for this look. You can pair this outfit with heels to look confident and stylish. However, if walking around all day in heels is not something you want to do then just put on a pair of loafers or belle flats to look chic and stay comfy.

Solid kurtas:

If you have to dress formal 5 or 6 days a week the solid colored kurtas are your best friends. A nicely stitched single-colored kurta not looks formal enough for office wear but also flatters all different body types. You can also opt for one with light embroidery or other detailing on the neckline. Just because it’s got no print doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Pair your kurta with white, black or beige trousers or capris and you’ve got yourself an outfit. You can add some pearl earring, a matching long chained bag, and some plain khussas for a nice desi-formal look.

Matching separates:

The matching separates look is super trendy these days and the perfect one to sport to work! This look works equally well whether you choose to wear a matching shirt and straight trousers or a matching shirt and shalwar suit. You can even get this look customized by purchasing the material yourself and getting it to tailor stitched. Opt for one with small print and neutral colors in order to look formal.

Wide-legged pants and shirt:

Again, a super trendy yet office appropriate outfit is the shirt and loose trousers. You have a lot to play with when you opt for this outfit as there are plenty of variations of trousers available. While we don’t recommend opting for a printed one, trousers with bows and belts are perfect! The trousers are really the star of this look and can be paired with a complimenting solid colored t-shirt or even a dress shirt. This whole look is not just chic but also incredibly comfy to be in. So if you’ve got a lot on your agenda, this is the outfit you need!

We hope these ideas will inspire you and save you some time on those stressful work mornings.

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