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Make Your Own Lip Balm

We are currently halfway through November which means that winter season is almost here . but before the sweater weather comes around, the dry harsh winds have taken over the cities. During this time of the year all of us face one common problem. Dry, chapped lips! Although this problem occurs through out the year, it gets emphasized during the colder months. As irritating as the problem is, its solution is rather simple. All you need is one simple product. A lip balm! Keep one in your purse. On you vanity, your bathroom and anywhere else you find space so you can Apply and reapply it through out the day. You must be wondering you’re going to need a lot of lip balm. Well, yes you will. But the good news is that you can make all of the lip balm you need at home by yourself with some simple, inexpensive products! Keep on reading to know how.

Lipstick to lip balm:

Do you ever wish your favorite lipstick came as a lip balm? Well, you can easily make your wish come true with this technique! All you need is a little piece of your favorite lipstick and some petroleum jelly. To make this lip balm, add about a teaspoon of petroleum jelly into a bowl. Now cut a piece of your lipstick and add this to the bowl as well. In a pan, boil some water and place this bowl to top of the boiling water. Wait until the petroleum jelly and lipstick melt together (an incredibly satisfying sight, we must say) before removing the bowl from the pot. Now all you have to do is pour this mixture into a small container and keep it in the fridge until it sets. Once its has solidified, your lip balm is ready to use! This technique is a great way to use up those last bits of lipsticks that get left in the container once ot finishes. You can be as creative as you want in this process and even combine two shades of lipsticks to create a custom colored lip balm for yourself.

Lip balm with food coloring:

If you want a very sheer colored lip balm that gives just a hint of tint to your lips then this is the recipe for us. All you need is some petroleum jelly, red, pink or any other food coloring of your choice and food essence! To make this lip balm, add a teaspoon of petroleum jelly in to a bowl. Place this bowl on top of a pot of boiling water and wait for it to melt. Once it turns completely liquid start adding your food coloring drop by drop and stir after each addition. Do this until you reach the reach the opacity you want. We reckon you will only be needing one or two drops. Then, add in one or two drops of the food essence and stir some more. Once you’re done just pour the mixture into a container and let it sit in the fridge. When it sets, its ready to use!

Lip balm with eye shadow:

We’ve all got eye shadow palettes lying around that we never seem to use. Well why not turn then into a lip balm? All you need for this technique is an eye eyeshadow in a color you like, some petroleum jelly and some glycerin. To make your lip balm, start by lightly scratching the surface of your eyeshadow with a bobby pin and tapping out the powder into a bowl. You can also combine two eyeshadow powders to make your desired shade. Now, again melt your petroleum jelly by heating it in a bowl placed over boiling water. Once it melts add your eyeshadow powders and one to two drops of glycerin. Mix it all up and then pour into a container. Now leave this in the fridge to set and that’s it, your shimmery lip balm is ready!

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