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Latest Lipstick Trends For Fall 2019

Fall and Autumn season is right around the corner and before it hits the cities in full mode, we’ve got to start preparing! Now, that doesn’t just mean getting your hands on new sweaters and jackets, infact you’ve got to switch out your makeup well. So what are you waiting for? Get to know about the latest lip tends in the list below and get on board with the newest new/

Deep matte reds:

Many girls love the fall and winter season just because of all the vampy lip colors they get to wear. If you are one of those girls, then there’s some great news for you! The vampy matte lip look is the hottest lip look for the fall 2019 season. Deep reds, maroons, and burgundies are definitely the IT colors for fall time along with some bright oranges and rich berry shades. Many designers showcased this look on the runway during fashion week and it definitely got us excited. This trend is not only restricted to the runway though as Sophie Turner was also seen sporting an oxblood matte lip at a red carpet event.

Glossy Lip:

The vampy matte look has been around for a long time now, but it seems that the tide is finally shifting as we’re starting to see more and glossy lips both on the runways and Instagram. The juicy, shiny lip trend is definitely our season favorite since it makes your lips look much healthier, hydrated and pouty. Now, many people may not be too excited about this trend since lip glosses tend to be a task to wear throughout the day. From hair sticking on to your lips to staining every mug, lips glosses can be messy but in our opinion, it’s definitely worth it. The good news is that since this look is becoming increasing popular brands have started working on improving the gloss formula and there are many comfortable lip glosses now available in the market!

Monochrome lip:

The minimal makeup trend has been a runway classic for ages now. It’s primarily done in order to ensure the audiences focus on the clothing. However, the variation that we spotted this time around was in the pairing of the lip colors with the eyes. It seems that the trend this season is “monochrome” which means that instead of using contrasting lip colors, the colors on eye and lips were kept the same. Although this may seem strange to a lot of people, this look actually works beautifully for everyday makeup. You can easily pull off this monochrome trend by playing with browns, mauve, peach and pinky tones. All of these colors look equally beautiful on the eyes and lips. Priyanka Chopra was recently seen sporting a very wearable version of this look, making us believe that this trend is not just for the white girls!

We hope you liked knowing about these latest lipstick trends and will be willing to give them a go in the upcoming season.

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