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Latest Ladies PJs Designs

All of us love to look glamourous during the day time. But as soon as we enter the house, glamour leaves and comfort takes the hot seat! All one needs at home is a comfortable pair of pajamas to relax in! Truly, there is nothing that feels better than slipping into your favorite PJs and curling up in bed with a hot cuppa of coffee or tea and some Netflix! Now, when we think of comfort night ware we often imagine granny pants and ugly cotton gowns that we’ve seen old ladies wear in the movies. However, that is not the case! Loungewear can be both comfortable and cute at the very same time. Don’t believe us? Check out our list below of the latest PJ designs that are as comfortable as a warm hug and as stylish as any other dress in your wardrobe!

Cropped Tee With Shorts

The classic cropped tee and shorts combo is every girl’s best friend! These PJs are literally made for curling up in front of a good movie, accompanied by a giant bowl popcorn and your BFF. Yup, these are so cute that they can easily be worn in front of other people. Especially during the insanely hot summer season, these PJs are the ideal outfit to sleep in!

Lacey Two-piece

The classy lace two-piece PJs set is for all the girls who like to feel chic even when they sleep! Without any compromise on the comfort, of course. The silk material of this set feels incredibly soft on the skin and is light as air. The lace detailing adds just the right amount of glamour for that perfect fancy night time look!

Stripped Shorts and Tee

Stripes look great for day and night time. No matter what your everyday style is, these PJs are definitely going to be right up your alley! Also, this classic plain tee with striped shorts combo never goes out of trend and truly suits everyone. Another cool fact about this set is that the shirt of these PJs can easily double as your regular tee. So, if you need to step out during the evening, all you need to do is put on a pair of pants and you’re all set to be seen in public!

Floral Pajamas

For anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing shorts at home, there is always an option for pajamas. And what’s better than floral pajamas? They are super cute, super comfy and ideal for anyone who loves all things girly! You can pair them with any tee-shirt of your choice and you’ve got yourself a PJ set.

Silk Two-piece Set

If you love to look fancy at home, then this matching silk two-piece is for you! The solid colors and the finesse of the silk fabric are bound to make anyone feel like a princess. Since this set has only minimal detailing on the edges it looks incredibly sophisticated and not over the top at all!

Polka Dot Printed Matching Set

No one can ever go wrong with polka dots! Truly, this polka dot printed PJ set is a classic lounging outfit. The front open top, the collar and those full-length bottoms make this outfit a timeless piece. No matter how many other PJ sets you might get, this one is always going to retain its spot in your wardrobe for sure.

Velvet Cami and Shorts

This velvet two-piece cami and shorts PJ set is the best choice for that strange in-between season weather when we’re headed towards winter but aren’t quite there. This set provides the ideal level of warmth that one needs on all those chilly nights when you need just a touch of warmth but nothing too cozy. Not to mention, these are incredibly sultry and a definite “feel-good” outfit!

Printed Cotton Top and Trousers

The printed cotton PJs set is one of the most common styles of PJs. But, as common as the style may be the variety of prints in these PJs is endless. This set is available in all kinds of different colors and a wide array of prints that suit all kinds of tastes. If you’ve never bought yourself PJs then these are the perfect first pair to get.

Linen Dress Style PJs

Now that we’ve talked enough about the two-piece PJ sets, let’s move on to the next category i.e. the dresses! The slip-on linen dress is the easiest, most comfortable style of PJs out there. They are incredibly soft and ideal for all those nights when you are so exhausted you can’t even manage to put on pants. They are light and airy, which means that a good night’s sleep is guaranteed!

Printed Cotton Gown

As much as we might despise the granny gowns, there is no denying that they make some of the most comfortable PJs ever! These loose cotton gowns although not the most flattering are best for all those times when you know you’re going to spend the night by yourself and want to slip into something cozy. This style of PJs can be both in long full length and short knee-length as well.

T-Shirt Dress

We all know that tees make for the best comfort clothing. But if there’s one outfit that is even better than an old t-shirt, it is a hybrid of a dress and a tee known as the t-shirt dress! This is the ideal lounging outfit that has the ease of a dress and the cuteness of a t-shirt. If you’ve never tried one before, what are you waiting for?

Silk Dress

When talking about dress style PJs, how can we forget the silk dresses? These are the ultimate PJs that a girl needs on all those special nights when you’re in a mood to pamper yourself. These not only make you look fabulous but are also very practical and soft on the skin.

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