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Latest Ladies Fashion Designer That Are Under Rated

Its officially winter time in Pakistan and we all know what that means. Its wedding season! And weddings means lots and lots of preps. Clothes, jewelry, accessories, everything needs to be arranged.  Since we know how overwhelming it can be to decide what to buy and where to buy it, we’ve decided to help you out. In this post, we’re listing down our favorite fashion designers who you need to check out this season. So whether you’re a bridesmaid or a bride to be, keep on reading.


Wife of the superstar, Fawad Khan, Sadaf Fawad Khan is a relatively new entrant of the fashion industry but her work is definitely worth talking about. Sadaf showcased her latest bridal collection at the FPW a few months ago and received many praises. Her work is the perfect blend of traditional embellishments on modern silhouettes and cuts. Her latest collection features pastels colors with intricate detailing on each piece. Although the focus of the collection is on lighter hues, the brand believes in customizing outfits according to the preferences of their customers. In an interview, Sadaf said that she finds pleasure in designing outfits according to what her clients demand. Now that’s the kind of attitude we love! Sadaf recently designed the reception dress of the much-hyped bride, Naimal Khawar Khan, who truly looked like a dream in the stunning ivory creation by SFK.

Faiza Saqlain:

If your style is all things traditional, then Faiza is the person you need! This designer is a favorite of celebs like Maya Ali and Mahira Khan who are often seen wearing her creations. Faiza’s designs are all about traditional cuts and embellishments. Most of her outfits are jewel-toned pishwaas style dresses with lots of flare and light detailing. Recently Faiza designed the famed singer Aima Baig’s outfit for her appearance at Coke Studio. The gorgeous purple choli and lehenga was proof of the brand’s signature style and Faiza’s talent.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir

If there is one designer that all brides to be need to have a look at, its Sana Yasir. Another relatively new designer who’s made a mark in the industry with her exquisite work. Sana’s signature style is very chic and modern with hints of tradition. Most of her outfits are white or pastel-colored with heavy embellishments. These dresses are created for all the contemporary women who love intricate dresses that stand out from the crowd! Check out this post to see her latest bridal collection.

Haris Shakeel:

Haris Shakeel is another extremely underrated designer that deserves your attention! His work is absolutely exquisite and apt to the traditional Pakistani taste. All the outfits that this brand does have traditional cuts and colors with extremely intricate embellishments. From, deep ruby bridal lehengas to lightly worked bride’s maids pishwas style dresses, Haris has something for everyone! All of his best designs were recently showcased at the Bridal Couture Week in Lahore. The theme for his runway collection was inspired by the trends of the Mughal-era. This collection was very well received by the audiences, making Haris a clear winner for the day!

Sheeba Kapadia:

Sheeba Kapadia is a Karachi based designer. She is a celeb favorite and for all the right reasons! Her brand is all about delivering luxe fashion pieces that her customers will cherish for ages! Her style is mostly traditional but also features some modern elements in terms of cuts and silhouettes. It’s really no wonder that stars like Sanam Jung, Sajal Ali and Shaista Lodhi are some of her regular customers. Sheeba recently showcased her latest bridal collection at the Bridal Couture Week called “Clairdelune.” This collection included some of the most ravishing angarkha and anarakali dresses for the mehendi bride. The showstopper for the night was Sanum Jung donned in an earthy brown pishwas style dress with heavy embellishments all over and two dupattas.

Umsha by Uzma Babar:

Another up and coming Karachi based designer is Uzma Babar. Her brand, “Umsha” is all about combining different techniques of embroidery and embellishments to create masterpieces that stand out of the crowd. Her outfits are unique and we reckon this designer is about to go a long way. Apart from her fabulous designs, Uzma is also popular among her customers for her work ethic, which as all of us know is a major lacking in some of the top designers of the country.

Mubashira Usman:

If you wish to get your hands on a dreamy bridal outfit that will win everyone over in just a single glimpse, then look no further because Mubashira Usman is the here for you all! This incredibly underrated designer creates the most chic, sophisticated outfits that compliment all kinds of different body shapes perfectly. Her style is extremely refined, clean and minimal. There are absolutely tacky stones and over the top bling in her dresses, instead, everything is well balanced and just absolutely gorgeous.  She mostly plays around with pastels and white, however her colorful pieces are also very well made.

Menahel and Mehreen:

Minahil and Mehreen is one of Mahira Khan’s favorite brands and if Mahira likes someone, they are definitely worth checking out! This brand received much attention when Mahira Khan wore one of their outfits at the Cannes Film Festival. However, it still remains rather less known to the general public, which is why we had to mention it in this post. Menahel and Mehreen is a very chic, contemporary brand that creates outfits for the women of today. Even their traditional pieces have an essence of modernity in them. The famed Coke Studio singer Zoey Viccaji also chose this brand for her own bridal dress.

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