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Latest Ladies Beauty Trends For The Winter Season

As the seasons change, so do fashion and beauty trends. While summers can be all about those soft pastel colours, in the wintertime we dive into those deep dark hues. In this post, we’re bringing to you all the latest makeup and beauty trends that you can sport in the winter season and look like your most stylish self!

The dark lipstick trend:

When the sun’s hidden behind the clouds and the gloomy grey skies have you feeling dull, the best way to brighten up your day is with a deep dark bold lip! Although it is generally perceived that dark lips are good for the night time only, in colder months you can easily sport them in the day time too. Just keep the face makeup minimal with some concealer and blush. Add mascara on the eyelashes and put on that dark lip to create the most gorgeous winter day time makeup look. As for the dark lip colours, the choice is endless. You can opt from shades of reds, maroons, plums and berry as per your liking.

The graphic eyeliner trend

For the 2020 winter season, we are not just doing the basic straight eyeliner anymore! Instead we’re stepping up our game and doing graphic liners. Graphic liners are the hottest trend of the season and have been sported by many Hollywood celebrities as well. Now, there are plenty of different styles of graphic liners that one can do. We admit some of these are for the expert only, but we’ve included photos of some easy ones that even a total makeup noob can do in this post. We highly recommend that you try these out for yourself and get ready for all the compliments that are bound to come your way.

Glossy lids:

The glossy lid is yet another runway makeup trend that has finally made its way into the public. The glossy lid trend has been seen many times on models on the runway, but its only now becoming acceptable amongst the general public. Now, we know that it may still sound absurd to many people out there, but it’s definitely worth a try. Brands are now coming up with eye glosses that are super easy to use and flattering on the lids. You can apply the gloss to your bare lids for that ultra high fashion look!

Bushy eyebrows

Gone are the days when we used to tweeze our brows to perfectly clean shape! Yup, its time to put those tweezers down and rock those natural eyebrows with confidence. Its been a while since the more natural, soft brow trend first came up. But now, it’s taken a step further and bushy, wild eyebrows have become the IT thing. What an exciting time to be alive for all the girls who have grown up being called out for having “caterpillar” brows. So, ladies how do you achieve this bushy eyebrow trend? Simple, just grab an eyebrow gel and brush all the brow hairs up. If need be, you can first fill in the gaps with a brow pencil and then go in the gel!

Smokey eyes

If there’s one eye makeup look that you must sport in the 2020 winter season, it’s the latest smokey grungy eyes. The grey, black classic smokey eye is not something we haven’t seen before. The trend returns every few years and it seems that it has made its way into the new decade as well. However, this time around, the smokey eye is not extremely polished and well blended, instead, it has more of a messy and undone feel to it. If you want to achieve this latest eye makeup look, all you have to do is line your eyes with a thick black liner and then smudge it all over the lid using a grey or brown shade and you are done!

Dewy skin

When the dry winter breeze has all of us irritated with dry, flaky skin the dewy skin look is the best makeup trend we need to opt for. The dewy, healthy, glistening skin is one of our favourite makeup trends since it literally looks great on everyone. So, this season make those oils, serums and moisturizes your best friends. Even those with oily or normal skin type should be opting for heavier creams and lotions in the colder months if they want to jump on dewy skin bandwagon. But just skincare won’t cut it. If you truly want to achieve this makeup look, we recommend you get your hands on a liquid highlighter. Mix this liquid highlighter with your foundation to give yourself the “glow from within” look and then go on the highest points of your face with a powder highlight. It sounds like a lot but trust us, this look is a must-try for everyone.

Neutral nails

Now that we’ve talked all about makeup lets get on to other beauty trends. And what better way to enhance your beauty than with those beautifully manicured hands! For the winter season there is a lot of colour happening on your face and usually your dress too, hence the winter nail trend is all about neutrals! This means greys, mauves, nudes and shades of beige. As boring as they may sound, neutral nail colours are extremely flattering on all complexions and nail shapes. They make your fingers look longer, slimmer and are perfectly complementary with all those bright winter outfits!


If you’re looking for a fuss-free hairdo that is also super stylish, you need to get yourself some headbands! Yes. Headbands are no longer just for little girls anymore. According to the latest beauty trends, headbands are for women of all ages. As per what’s seen on the runways, headbands that compliment your hair colour are in trend, although there is no restriction on wearing a colour that you like. As per the styles, pearl and crystal-encrusted headpieces are trending. These bands can be worn both in the day and night times with formal as well as casual outfits.

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