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Latest Fashion Tips For New Moms

Being a mother is one of the most demanding jobs out there. So, much so that it becomes nearly impossible for a woman to do anything else once the child is born. One of the things that get most neglected on this motherhood journey, is the woman herself. Her personal style, fashion and poise goes out the window and all that remains are comfortable sweat pants that smell like baby powder and top knots. While many mothers out there have made peace with this new lifestyle, many still remain troubled with the loss of their previous fashionable self. If you too are one of the later, worry not. Latest Ladies Fashion is here to help you out! In this post, we’ve got for you some easy fashion tips that you can use to look stylish as a mom.

Preplan outfits

The first tip that we would like to share with all of you is to preplan all your outfits. Especially if you have an event coming up that you wish to look good for, make sure you decide what you want to wear beforehand. If it’s an old outfit, we recommend you try it on as well, to ensure that the dress still fits. Doing this will greatly reduce your stress and anxiety on the day of the event by eliminating decision fatigue and will help things flow a lot of smoother.

Invest in basics

When a woman gives birth, her body changes massively. Cuts and styles that used to flatter you previously may no longer look good on your body. Post-partum body can feel entirely new and many women feel clueless about styling it properly. If you too are stuck in this situation, we recommend that you take a step back from all those trendy styles and go back to the basics. Invest in basic outfit pieces such as solid coloured kurtas, straight pants, well-made tee shirts, comfy flats and straight jeans. These pieces are foolproof and look good on all body types. Hence, they are ideal for all new moms who want to look fashionable. Once you start feeling confident about yourself and better understand your new body, you can go ahead and get back to those trendy styles.

Dark colours over light

If you are new mom, we’ve got a new fashion mantra for you, “Dark colours over light.” Dark coloured clothing is a new mum’s best friend. Hence, we highly recommend that you opt for those blacks, burgundies, navies, and say goodbye to the whites, creams and camels (only for a short while though). We suggest doing so because dark colours are more flattering on heavier bodies. They make you look slimmer and take the attention away from all those curves that you wish to hide. Aside from that, dark clothing is also great in terms of staining. When you’re a mother it gets impossible for your clothes to not get those spit, drool or milk stains. These stains show up instantly on light coloured clothes and can be tough to remove. Dark clothes, however, make it look like nothing ever happened!

Totes bags in place of baby bags

If you want to look stylish as a mom, the first thing you must eliminate from your everyday style is that colourful baby bag that is uncomplimentary to your entire outfit. So, instead of getting those typical baby bags with giraffes and baby bottles printed on them, get yourself a big tote bag. Totes bags are great because they look stylish, can be carried with practically any outfit and have enough room for all those baby essentials. However, they do not have as many compartments as you may need. But we’ve got a solution for that too. Just get one of those bag organizers that are cheaply sold on Amazon, place all your baby items in the organizer and place it inside your bag. What’s great about those organizers is that you can easily take them out of one bag and place it in another if you wish to carry a different tote sometimes.

Take care of your hygiene

Looking good has to do more with maintaining hygiene than anything else. Remember hygiene always tops having designer outfits, branded bags or even a slim body. If you wish to look well put together and stylish, you must first focus on your personal hygiene. This means having fresh hair, laundered clothing that does not smell like baby puke, good deodorant, short finger and toenails and well moisturized skin. If you can just maintain these basic things, we guarantee that you will look good regardless of what you wear.

Mom friendly makeup

When you’re a mother to a hyperactive toddler or a fussy newborn, chances are you do not have 30 mins to an hour to do your makeup. Hence, we recommend you follow a mom friendly makeup routine that will make you look like an actual well slept human being and only takes about five to ten minutes to do. To follow this routine, we suggest you get yourself a concealer, a nice BB or CC cream, a compact powder, some mascara, lipstick and blush or bronzer perhaps.

In case, you are in a real time crunch and cannot be bothered to do the whole routine, just get yourself a powder foundation that you can apply even in the car. Slap on some lipstick and mascara and you’re done in less than 5 minutes.

We hope these tips will help you guy up your style game and give you a boost of confidence that many seem to lose post-pregnancy. In conclusion, we would like to congratulate all women who have embraced motherhood. Being a mother is a tough job, do not be too hard on yourself about looking a particular way. At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is your emotional and mental wellbeing and not what you wear. So, just be happy and enjoy your baby!

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