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Latest Fashion Designs Showcased At FPW Day 2

After the closing of day 1, the hustle and bustle of Fashion week continued to day 2. The Fashion Pakistan Week, organized by the Pakistan Fashion Council featured 20 designers, 5 of whom showcased their creations on the first day. With 15 designers still remaining the audiences were ecstatic for the shows lined up for day 2. The second day of one of the most highly anticipated fashion events of the year hosted 7 fabulous designers. These included Pakistani fashion maestros such as Maheen Khan, Humayun Alamgir along with brands such as The Pink Tree Company, Zellbury, ZuriaDor, and Splash. The show also featured an Italian designer Stella Jean as the day 2 opener! Let’s have a look at what the designers brought to the runway on this day.

Laboratorio Delle Nazioni By Stella Jean

The first show of the day was by the Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean. Stella is the first black Italian designer to live and work in Rome. She is considered as Giorgio Armani’s protégé. The designer works mainly with fusion style clothing. Her creations are an amalgamation of classic Italian tailoring techniques with African and Caribbean imagery. The designer collaborated with the local craftsmen of Chitral, Gilgit, and Hunza to create her collection “Laboratorio Delle Nazioni.” Before being displayed in Pakistan, this collection had already made waves at the Milan Fashion Week. The designer was applauded in the international fashion community for her fabulous work which portrayed a positive image of Pakistan. It took Stella two years of hard work to curate this collection. Forty-six local female artisans worked under the guidance of Karishma Ali to bring Stella’s vision to life. The collection featured multicultural fusion at its best. The runway was ruled by Kailashi craft on classic Italian pinstripes, hand-painted truck art brogues, and intricate Chitrali motifs embroidered on typical Italian silhouettes. The collection even paid a tribute to the PM of Pakistan by incorporating knee pads and cricket gears.

Humayun Alamgir

Next up on the ramp was Humayun Alamgir who truly set the stage on fire with his quirky men’s formal wear collection. The designer, know and loved for his outstanding creations, featured bold, fearless, royal, elite style attire. The outfits displayed on the ramp used fabrics such as velvet, wool, and even fur. All these fabrics were used to create European influenced clothing pieces. We saw everything from long boots to long coats which clearly represented the theme of “unconventional yet comfortable” fashion. Celebrities including Ali Safina, Fahad Mirza, Asad Siddique, Muneeb Butt, Agha Ali and Shehzad Sheikh walked on the ramp wearing Humayun’s designs adding the spice to the entire show.

The Pink Tree Company

The Pink Tree Company was the 3rd presenter of the day. The brand’s collection was all about bright colors, vibrant hues and high contrast as a reminiscent of the old age cinema. The collection paid a tribute to the cinema classics such as Anarkali, Wizards of Oz, Aan, Gone With The Wind and the likes. The outfits featured on the ramp were embellished in various techniques of zardozi in gold on brightly colored fabrics. Accessorized with Ali Javeri’s luxe jewels, the collection was definitely a sight for sore eyes. Naveen Waqar closed the show for The Pink Tree Company in a color-coordinated piece with gota work and gold embroidery as the final homage to the “Technicolor” theme.

Center of Gravity By ZuriaDor

ZuriaDor’s “Center of Gravity” collection was up next on the runway. This collection was a tribute to women and their un-parallel strength as the “Center Of Gravity.” A total of 18 outfits were featured on the ramp. These outfits were divided into nine contemporary pieces that were showcased in Paris along with nine regional pieces which were the perfect representation couture. A great deal of thought was put into creating the outfits in this collection. The designer displayed the best of fusion style clothing by combining edgy and delicate patterns, floral and geometric elements and delicately handcrafting them on to luxe fabrics.

Shahi Rendezvous By Zellbury

The fashion retail brand Zellbury showcased their “Shahi Rendezvous” collection inspired by the Mughal Era. This collection used contemporary designs and aesthetic to represent all the women who shine through their individuality. The outfits showcased on the runway featured vibrant colors, loose cuts and drapery in order to highlight the inclusivity and independence for the real woman. The show put on by Zellbury in a way told the story of the evolution of women from the Mughal era to the modern-day. Their designs represented the revolutionary yet romantic woman with strong principles and deep attachment to her roots. Each outfit featured a variety of micro-stripes incorporated with Mughal motifs. The young actress Hina Altaf closed the show for the brand walking is a bright orange number.


The very well known and loved brand of the Middle East, Splash was the next presenter for the night. The brand showcased an extensive range of clothing for men, women and teens on the runway. The theme behind their show was sustainability in fast or modern fashion. Staying true to their brand’s aesthetics, Splash brought fun-loving, vibrant, hip, funky “street style” clothing to the ramp. The collection was all about the modern cuts, bold colors and trendy accessories.

The fashion guru, style extraordinaire Maheen Khan closed the day 2 of the Pakistan Fashion Week. The designer showcased a breathtaking collection, curated by upcycling samples from the archives. The show was in collaboration with the jewelry designer Sundus Talpur and the London based brand Indoi. The team together brought something old, something new and something borrowed to the ramp. Sundus Talpur is a well-known name in the industry. Her jewels are popular for their contemporary and out of the box designs while Indoi is an environmentally conscious brand that uses handwoven fabrics from Pakistan to make their clothing pieces. Together, the team represented the image of fierce women who have fought for what they believe in. Leading influencer moms including Salima Feerasta, Fuzzy Faruque, Amal Qadri and others ended the night with a powerful and sophisticated walk.

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