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Latest Bridal Fashion Designs By Suffuse

The Pakistani fashion industry has been growing incredibly fast over the last few years. We have seen many new designers who despite their delayed entrance have made it to the list of country’s most acclaimed designers. One such example is that of Sana Yasir. The Lahore based designer started off her journey in 2012 through her brand Suffuse. Just as the name suggests, Sana’s brand is all about luxury fashion. She curates delicate designs which include her signature floral patterns, shimmering embellishments, and intricate aesthetic. Suffuse aims to cater to and celebrate femininity through its outstanding designs.

In only 8 years of its establishment, the brand has become a massive player in the market and is counted right along with the big names of the industry, and rightly so. Suffuse’s exquisite pret, semi-formals, wedding wear, and bridals are evidence of the designer’s immense potential and talent.

Having attracted clientele in Canada, London and the United States, Suffuse creations cater to women across the globe with their contemporary cuts, exotic motifs, and exclusive handcrafting techniques.

After a successful range of eastern pret collections, Sana has introduced an interplay of screenprints, feminine embroideries and diverse mediums for her high-end lines. Suffuse creations blend a beautiful balance of colors and textures with lace accents, impeccable appliqué, and embroideries, and striking screenprints for trousers and dupattas to complete each creation. The label also caters to a universal western wear line embracing chic silk print capes and trousers. Suffuse currently encompasses Prêt a Porter, Haute Couture and Bridal wear.

Iris by Suffuse

For the 2019-2020 Autumn-Winter wedding season Suffuse has launched its collection called “Iris.” This collection features a range of bridal outfits all delicately handcrafted using antiquated aesthetics. Every single one of the pieces seems straight out of a dream of a modern-day bride with its unparallel glamour, sophistication, and uniqueness.  Let’s have a look at all the outfits from this collection in detail.

This first outfit from the collection is the perfect bridal outfit for any new-age bride. The gorgeous deep red silhouette with heavy embellishments from top to bottom of this dress makes it the perfect fit for the most special day of your life. This dress truly combines contemporary cuts with traditional bridal color to create a masterpiece that is both modern yet true to the Pakistani traditions. In terms of style, this outfit is a one-piece dress that is made in a Western ball-gown style. The shoulders and the neckline have been left completely bare to cut through the pearly white embellishments throughout its length. The dress has been paired with a dupatta of the same red color with matching embellishments on all four sides.

Up next we have the gorgeous beige and red outfit. Just like the rest of the dresses in this collection, this number also follows the theme of modern chic yet traditional. The unique factor about this particular outfit is its long trail which gives it the true European bridal dress feel. The entire outfit is covered with the most intricate embellishments throughout the front and back. Again, the neckline for this dress has also been left bare with just a sheer fabric that shows skin from underneath. The traditional element of this entire outfit is the deep red lehenga that it has been paired with. The designer has very incorporated the red color into the outfit very creatively. Sana chose to have the red lehenga covered entirely by the top that drapes over it. This way the red does not overpower the entire look and only shines from underneath the top piece and brings life to the whole dress.

The next dress in this collection is the fabulous pastel pink number. This outfit is perfect for any reception, nikkah or even an engagement bride since it does not feature any reds. The dress is truly a fairytale turned to reality with its long trail, the most detailed embellishments, and soft color. This dress features a lot of flares and has been made in a front open style. The dress has a slit right below the chest and the fabric drapes over the pearly white lehenga underneath. With the combination of thread work and pearl embellishments all over, his outfit is a glistening masterpiece! The dupatta that it has been paired is a soft pastel pink color with a very heavy border on all four sides and added motifs on two sides as wells.

The one dress from the entire collection that screams all things desi is this one light yellow number. This gorgeous yellow and peach ghagra choli is the ideal choice for any Mehendi, Mayun or even a Nikkah bride. This outfit has a very traditional cut and style. The choli is just the perfect length that covers the bellybutton but shows a little bit of the waist. It is completely covered with silvery embellishments on the front and back. Another interesting aspect of the choli is the deep cut neckline. The neckline scoops at the back, adding a sultry element to the whole look. The ghagra itself is a sight for sore eyes. With its flared cut and heavy embroidery work, it gives all the right royal bridal feels. The dupatta that this dress comes with a pastel green shade with embellishments on all four sides.

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