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Latest Bridal Fashion Designs By Farah Talib Aziz

When we talk bridal designs, the one designer and brand that always makes it to the list is that of Farah Talib Aziz. Farah Talib Aziz’s work exuberates feminine plushness, accentuated with her remarkable threadwork and ornate themes. Her design ideology is to amplify womanliness, with the assistance of majestically draped cloth and master craftsmanship, while maintaining the sense elegance and sophistication.

Dazzling her spectators with perplexing details and a strong desire for excellence, Farah Talib Aziz makes luxurious pieces that modernize classics and serve as beloved heritages.

Originating from a background of textiles, Farah herself is profoundly capable and knowledgeable about tailoring and embellishments. Consistently refreshing her abilities, Farah has direct aptitude and knowhow about the production methodologies.

Situated in Karachi, Farah has been celebrated by her elected high fashion customers since 2006. With the extension of her prêt-à-porter collections, Farah’s work is currently accessible throughout the world.

In the realm of bridal fashion and high-end couture, Farah Talib Aziz is the most sought after brand for Pakistanis within the country and across the borders as well. Her designs have the ability to transform a woman into a bride. Her work is intricate, extremely detailed and absolute marvelousness! Every season Farah launches some new designs for both her bridal and lawn/ cambric collections. Nearly all of which receive the same amount of love and adoration from the masses.

The latest bridal wear collection launched by Farah Talib Aziz is called Noor Mahal. As the name suggests the dresses in this collection have been inspired by traditional royalty. A total of four dresses are part of this collection and each of them is a class apart. The entire ideology behind this collection is to tell a story of our beautiful heritage while still incorporating elements of contemporary glamour and embellishments to create truly timeless couture pieces. Although this collection is termed “bridal wear” we consider it to be more appropriate for Mehendi or Mayun events because of the viberant hues of all four of these dresses.

The Noor Mahal campaign has been shot by the tremendously talented Muzi Sufi and showcased by the gorgeous Mawra Hussain. The young, quirky actress perfectly represents the concept behind this collection with her classic, princess-like looks and contemporary style. All in all the entire campaign is truly magnificent. We definitely think that all 2019 brides are going to be wearing dresses inspired by this collection on their events. Let’s have a look at all of them in detail.

The first dress in the Noor Mahal collection is the gorgeous emerald green ghagra and choli. Paired with a bright orange dupatta, this dress is the perfect Mayun outfit! The choli here is very heavily embellished with gold threadwork and a slight hint of pink. Although all the embroidery is not overpowering and lets the green cloth underneath shine through perfectly well. The neckline for the choli is an incredibly interesting diamond shape. It is unique and definitely catches the eye! The ghagra has motifs embroidered throughout the length. Although no details have been mentioned by the brand itself, it seems the ghagra also features some mirror work along with the embroidered motifs. On the border, we see the same gold embroidery as has been done on the choli, but in a criss-cross pattern. The dupatta that comes with this dress also contains the same embellished motifs as the ghagra

The next dress in this collection is an angarkha style dress that has been paired with a lehenga underneath and two dupattas! The overall color palette for this dress is shocking pink but some orange has also been subtly incorporated into it with the help of the dupatta that can be seen draped over Mawra Hussain’s arm. The angarkha or the top has a heavily embellished bodice and a raised V-neck line. The dress has full sleeves that also feature the same embellishments as the bodice all along its length. On the shoulders, we can see some orange net detailing. This small detail cuts through the heavy embroidery and shows off some skin. The angarkha seems to have been made of sheer net material in order to allow the gorgeous lehenga underneath to shine through. Although fitted from the top, the dress has a lot of flare which gives it that “bridal” look. Apart from the work on the bodice, chunky motifs have been embroidered throughout the length of the angarkha along with a thick border at the end. The lehenga that this dress has been paired with features a classic chatta patti style that has us reminiscing of the golden times. Out of the two dupattas that this dress comes with, one is a rather simple pink tissue dupatta and the other one is a gorgeous orange embroidered dupatta that also features old school motifs in a checkered pattern. Along with all of this, this dress also comes with a matching pouch which gives that perfect royal touch!

Now let’s talk about that perfect Mayun outfit from this collection. This gorgeous bright yellow Anarkali dress is perfect for any bride! It has a similar style as the pink angarkha that we have described in detail above. However, this bright yellow number is slightly less embellished, yet equally beautiful. This dress again has been paired with a chatta patti lehenga underneath and two dupattas. Although the overall color palette for this dress is a fabulous mustard yellow, it also features hints of pink through the dupatta and embroidery. Both the dupattas for this dress are different shades of pink, one is a heavily embellished shocking pink while the other is a simple peachy-pink with a gold border.

The last dress in this collection is a peachy pink pishwas. The colors for this dress are the most unique out of the entire collection. The pishwas has a heavily worked bodice with multiple tones of purple, gold, pink and some orange. The entire length of the dress is, however, a cool peach shade. The dupatta that has been paired with it is a pistachio green color. Following the theme of the collection this dress also has a lot flare and royal touch to it. However, its unique colors give it a contemporary look. Truly this dress a perfect reflection of the idea behind this collection and all in all a gorgeous piece!

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