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How To Wear A Casual Outfit To A Wedding

In Pakistan, there are two things that always go side by side, winter, and weddings! As soon as the winter season hits the country you start receiving wedding invites. Of course when you’ve got so many weddings to attend back to back you are bound to run out of clothes or simply lose the energy to carry those heavy joras. It is in times like these that your casual or semi-formal outfits come to the rescue! However, styling these outfits in a way that they look wedding appropriate can be slightly tricky. But, not to worry. We’ve got here for you some simple tips and tricks you can use to make any casual outfit look fancy enough for a wedding.

Choose the right accessories:

Accessories play a huge role in determining the overall look of an outfit. The very same outfit can look completely different when paired with different accessories. If you want to make any casual outfit look wedding appropriate the easiest and most effective thing to do is to pair it with some jhumkas. Jhumkas or any other long, dangling earrings make any outfit look super festive and suitable to wear to any wedding event. You can also wear some classic glass bangles and bring that old world charm to life.

Tie hair into a sleek bun:

Another amazing and simple trick you can use to pull off a casual outfit at a wedding is to pair it with a sleek low hair bun. Hair tied up instantly makes you look 10 times more formal and goes very well with desi outfits. If you’re feeling particularly festive you can also add some flowers to your hair. Buns are also the ideal hairstyle to wear to desi weddings since they prevent any loose strands of hair from bugging you while to chomp down all that great food!

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Apply a bold lipstick:

A bold lip screams wedding. If you’ve got one on there is no way you will look underdressed for a wedding function. So, pick your favorite and be ready to head out! The best bold lip colors to wear to a wedding include; true red, maroon, bright pink, burgundy, and magenta.

Wear a fancy dupatta:

Many times casual or even semi-formal clothes come with plain dupattas. This is one of the key reasons that they make the whole outfit look too simple for a wedding event. A clever way to overcome this issue is to simply switch your plain dupatta with a fancy one! You don’t even need to be precise with the matching. You can mix and match the colors and opt for the one that compliments your suit overall. You can even make this fancy dupatta the star of your outfit by wearing it draped over your shoulder without any folds.

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