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How To Rock Men’s Clothing As A Woman

Since the day we put on our very first piece of clothing till adulthood, humans are expected to abide by a certain set of styling “rules” Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. Dresses and sparkles are for girls, shorts and tees are for boys. We’ve all grown up conditioned to these limitations that have been set and passed on by the generations before us. However, the truth is there are NO rules for fashion. Girls can very well wear clothing marketed for males and vise versa. Don’t believe us? Check out all the simple ways you can wear men’s clothing in the list below. We bet you’ll be on your way to raid your father’s, brother’s or friend’s closet as soon as you’re done.

Loose jeans:

You can easily pull off a pair of male denim pants and rock the ever so popular “boyfriend jeans” look. This style is not only super trendy but also incredibly comfortable. The best part is you can actually experience what it feels like to have actual, functional pockets.

Oversized shirts:

Do you know what makes a men’s t-shirt look even better? A woman wearing it. Yup, that’s right. Men’s t-shirts look super chic on women. They can be paired with slim-fit jeans for an effortless look. You can choose to wear it tucked in, or knotted at the bottom in order to have some definition at the waist. Try it out for yourself and experience the easy-breezy feel of a men’s shirt.

Button-down shirts:

How many times have you spotted a cute button-down shirt in the men’s clothing section, wondering why the brand didn’t make a female version of the same?  Well, after learning these styling tips you surely won’t be making that pass again. A men’s button-down shirt can be easily worn over a basic tank top. You can let it open and wear it as is over a pair of jeans. Or, you can wear the shirt buttoned and tie the two sides at the bottom together in a knot for a cute look. Such a shirt can also serve as a shrug and can be worn over practically any outfit. You could even wear it over a dress and add an edge to your look.


Oversized blazers and Jackets are totally in trend right now. Which means you can easily carry any men’s jacket to an occasion. You can pull up the sleeves of the blazer and wear some gold bangles, hoop earrings and be ready for any party! Same as the button down shirt, the jacket or blazer can be worn on top of a pant suit or a dress.

We hope after reading these styling techniques you are convinced that gender based clothing is a total sham. So the next time you’re out shopping for yourself, don’t forget take a look into the men’s section as well!  

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