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How To Make Your Hairstyles Last

How many times have you spent hours doing your hair only to find it looking limp, or frizzy just 30 minutes later? Sigh, we’ve all been there. There are a lot of factors that play a part in making a hairstyle last long. The humidity level, the products, and your own hair type are the key players when it comes to getting your hair to stay styled for a long period of time. If you too suffer from the problem, check these tips and tricks to ensure that your hairstyle lasts throughout your special events!

Shampoo schedule:

If you want your hairdos to last well, do not shampoo your hair on the day you plan to style it. Yes. It may sound gross to you but it definitely works.  Shampooing your hair makes them soft and however you style them, they go back to their original condition. One day old hair on the other hand, holds the style much better. Ideally, you should wash your hair at night and then style it the next day to make sure the style lasts.

Skip conditioner:

Hairstyles hold better when your hair has some grip and texture to it. Conditioning the hair makes it smooth and soft which means that the hair will not hold any styling done to it. Especially if you are curling your hair, you will notice the curls loosen up much faster when done on hair has been freshly washed and conditioned. So, if you want to make your hairdos last as long as possible skip the conditioner!

Making curls last:

Curling a whole head of hair can easily take anywhere from 30 to even 90 minutes and it truly sucks when your curls completely fall flat before you even head out the door. In order to prevent the waste of all that time and energy, you need to take a few extra steps when curling your hair. When you’re about release the hair from your curling iron, place your palm under the section of hair that is clamped in the iron. Release the hair into your palm and while it’s still hot, quickly roll it around your two fingers in the same pattern as the curl. Now remove your fingers and secure the curl with a bobby pin. Do this with all the sections of your hair that you curl and then let the hair rest. You either do your makeup at this point or wear your jewelry. Once the hair has completely cool, remove the bobby pins and reveal your bouncy, long-lasting curls. This method is highly effective as by letting the hair cool down in curl, you ensure it holds its shape.


This one may be a no brainer but had to be mentioned. If you want to make sure your hairstyles last for a long time, use a good amount of hairspray. There are different kinds of hairsprays available in the market that give either a soft, medium or stronghold. You can select one according to your requirements and spray it in your hair as soon as you’ve finished styling it.

Backcombing/ teasing:

A lot of times people with fine hair suffer from the problem of their hairstyles falling flat and losing volume very quickly. In order to combat this, tease your hair to give it some extra hold and then style your hair. For example, if you’re styling your hair in a bun, tease your hair slightly before you wrap it into a bun. This way your hairdo will not slip down the head or lose the volume. Similarly, if you’re curling your hair, tease the hair from the ends slightly to ensure volume and longevity.

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