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How To Look Chic On A Budget

How many times do you scroll through your Instagram, double-tapping every other picture and think how do these people look chic at all times? They must have a lot of cash to be able to afford all those fancy clothes, you wonder. Well, not necessarily. Looking chic and well put together doesn’t mean one needs to break their bank. All it needs is some cleverness! Check out this post to learn all tips and tricks to look chic on a budget.

Invest in basics:

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. Well fitted and good quality basics are crucial to make any outfit look chic. If you have some amazing basic pieces of clothing in your wardrobe you will automatically look super chic no matter what other items you pair it with. On the contrary, a basic tee that has been stretched out or faded in color will not look good even if you pair with other expensive items.

Shop Offseason:

If you want to get good deals on clothing, always shop offseason. Save your cash and raid those season clearance sales to get the most value for your buck! Aside from all the money, you will save, shopping off-season also means that you are very unlikely to experience the dread of “out of stock” tag and of course since you’re going to be the only few people in the isle you can check out all the variety in peace!

Put on makeup:

Another budget-friendly way to look chic is too put a little bit of effort in your makeup. If you notice, all of your favorite celebs always have some makeup on. A good red lipstick, some mascara, and nicely done hair can make you look chic and stylish without having to spend a single buck!


It doesn’t matter if you’ve slept 3 hours last night or that you could only manage enough clothing to not look homeless, once you put on a pair of good sunglasses you transform into a sophisticated woman, ready to take over her day. This is the easiest trick for all those lazy girls who just want to quickly head out the door, yet look chic. So, next time you pick out some sunglasses for yourself make sure to get one you really like and don’t mind wearing every day.


Accessories are a great way to amp up any outfit without spending much money. Accessories like a matching bag, a good watch, and some earrings instantly elevate the whole look and transform any basic outfit into a chic attire. So, when putting together your dress for the day, make you spend a little extra time to pick the matching accessories as well. This tip is super budget-friendly and does not require any spending, just some style sense and time. However, we do recommend you add some good quality jewelry to your closet like gold hoops and necklaces or pearl earring to really get that high fashion look.

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