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How To Dress Skinny

Have you been on the journey to a healthier lifestyle? Trying to shed some pounds? And despite the smaller number on the scale, have you ever found yourself looking way bulkier in the mirror? Don’t curse yourself or the poor scale. It’s neither of their faults. The culprit is in fact, your outfit!

It’s true, some clothes make you look lean and accentuate just the right parts of the body while others make you look heavy and out of shape.  The logic behind dressing skinny is actually quite simple and the results? Astonishing! If you too want to learn these simple tips and tricks, follow through this post.

Wearing the right colors:

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to appear lean you should wear dark-colored clothing. If you’re going out for a special event and want to look your best, opt for blacks and navy or even maroon-colored outfits.

Wear all monotone or single color:

When you wear a very colorful outfit it draws a lot of attention, even in places you don’t want it to, making you appear bigger. Hence, it is recommended you wear a single colored or monotone outfit. By doing so you trick the eye to view an imaginary straight line and appear lean.

Wearing stripes:

It may be the oldest trick in the book but it works every single time! If you want to look skinny wear vertical stripes. Now these can either be worn as striped pants or tops! But be sure to have at least a couple stripped pieces in your wardrobe.

Choosing the right pants:

Choosing the right pants is essential when trying to appear slim. They can quite literally make or break the look. High waisted pants give the illusion of longer legs and make you appear taller and slimmer. Another aspect to remember is that the pants should be a slim fit! Slim fitted jeans make your legs look slender while low waisted, loose jeans do the exact opposite! So if you don’t have a pair of such denim in your wardrobe, it is crucial you get them.

Assecorize with belts:

As insignificant as they may seem, belts can be a great way to give an illusion of a slimmer waist. Especially when paired with flowy blouses and dresses, belts add a chic element to your overall outfit and highlight your waist.

Pointed heels:

When trying to appear slim, remember it’s all about the subtle measures you take that can greatly trick the eye. Wearing pointed heels make you look taller and in turn skinner. Specifically nude heels pointed toes are the perfect tool to pull off this trick!

We hope these simple styling tips will help you dress your best and boost your confidence. Oh and don’t forget, always accessorize your outfits with a smile!

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