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How To Curl Your Hair WITHOUT Heat

If there is anything we love more than sleek, straight hair, it’s bouncy, wavy hair. Yes, we’re talking about those effortless, soft curls that Victoria’s Secret models sport on the runway. Those big, bouncy waves that make everyone woman look and feel like VS Angel. Now, as much as we love this hairstyle, we also know that achieving it means using lots of hot tools and eventually hair damage. Wouldn’t it be great if we could create the same look without the damage? If you’ve been wondering the same, you have come to just the right place. We bring to you all the simple ways you can use to create those chic, feminine waves without using any heat!


One of the simplest ways of achieving that soft curl look is by simply braiding damp hair and letting it dry. To do this, you want to start off with freshly washed hair. Let the hair air dry until they feel only slightly damp. Now, braid your damp hair and let it be for another couple of hours. There are a few different routes you can take in terms of the kind of braid you want to do. You can braid your hair in a simple french braid if you have fine hair. However, if you have thick hair you may want to do two french braids on either side of head. If you do not know how to do a french braid you can also achieve the same look with a simple braid. Again, you can do one braid or more depending upon your hair type and the look you want. Remember, the more braids you do the tighter, more defined your waves will be. Once your hair dries completely, undo your braids and reveal those gorgeous waves.


If you don’t know how to braid your hair, fret not. The twisting method is an even simpler way of achieving the same look. For this method again you want to start off with freshly washed hair. Dry your hair until it feels about 80% dry. Now, part your hair down the middle into two equal sections. Start twisting your hair away from your face. Once you feel that the twist is tight enough and all the hair is twisted, take the twisted section over and across your head and pin it to the other side of your head, right over the ear. Repeat the same for the other section and let your hair dry completely. Once done, undo the twists and you’ve got yourself some amazing curls without using any heat!


This method is perfect for those wanting to achieve a more natural look. Just like the two above, for this method, you will need freshly washed hair that has been dried to about 80%. Once that’s done, all you need to do is put yours into a bun. You can choose to make a simple bun or use a hair donut and make a donut bun according to your preference and ease. If you want slightly more defined curls, you can also do two buns, one on either side of the head. Once you’ve got those buns done, just wait for the hair to get 100% dry. When done, open the bun and you’ve got yourself natural, soft, gorgeous waves.

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