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How To Correctly Style Curly Hair

The magazines and movies may have made sleek straight hair seem like the only acceptable hair type but the fact is that no matter how popular or trendy straight hair may seem, there is nothing that can take away the beauty of curly hair. Natural curls are absolutely gorgeous, period. But, just like any other hair type they need to be taken care of and styled properly in order to look their best. The regular shampoo, condition and style routine just won’t cut it for the curly-haired girls. Curls need some extra loving and careful styling to look shiny, frizz free and bouncy. Keep reading to find out how you can style your curly hair in the best way!

Step1: Hair wash

Let’s start from the very beginning and talk about hair washing. There are a couple of different ways that people like to wash their curly hair. The most common being skipping shampoo altogether and applying conditioner only. You do of course will still need to shampoo once in a while. We recommend shampooing your hair once a week and applying a good amount of conditioner. For all other times that you wash your hair, only rinse with water, apply the conditioner and then wash it out.

Step 2: Combing

In order to make sure you get the least amount of shedding and to avoid pulling, brushing your hair whilst the conditioner is still in it is a great practice. However, if you’re not comfortable brushing hair in the shower you can also use a leave-in conditioner and brush your hair after you have applied it to your hair. Another important thing to mention here is the type of tool you want to use to untangle your hair. For curly hair, a wide-toothed wooden comb or a brush works best. You can choose one according to your preference.

Step 3: Styling prep

Now that you’ve got your hair nice and untangled you can start to style them. For that, you first need to use some styling cream or mouse. Take a penny-sized amount of your cream on to your hands and rub it between your fingers. Now take a small section of your hair, apply the cream to it and twist it until the cream is nicely applied to the entire section. Repeat the same for all sections.

Step 4: Blow drying

Blow drying curly hair is entirely different from blow drying straight or wavy hair since instead of a nozzle, you will be using the diffuser attachment. The best way to blow dry curly hair in order to ensure definition, bounce, and volume is to flip your hair upside down, gather a section of hair over the diffuser and move it in an upward direction. Do this to the section for about 15 seconds and then move to the next. Keep doing so until your hair dries completely. Once it does, press the cool shot button of your drier and go over each section one last time. Now flip the hair back to reveal your gorgeous hair.

Step 5: Styling:

This step is optional but you can do it if you want a more polished look. In order to define the curls even more, go over the sections of your hair with deformed curls with a curling iron. You especially want to focus on the face framing front pieces and curl them using a thin curling wand. Once you feel all your curls are looking good, you’re done!

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