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How To Correctly Care For Different Fabrics

Let’s be real, clothing is expensive these days and one cannot afford to purchase clothes every few months. Not only are these purchases bad for your pocket but also for the environment, since every time you discard an item you create waste. So, it is crucial to find ways to make sure that the clothing we own lasts well throughout its lifetime. The most effective way of making sure you get the most out of your clothing is to launder them correctly.

Different fabrics require different washing techniques. Its because we wash all our clothing the exact same that we often experience shrinkage, quick wear and tear and fading of our favorite pieces. If you too experience this problem, follow the washing tips below and learn how to correctly take care of your clothes.


To wash cotton garmets, we recommend using cold water. This helps keep the color intact and minimizes the chances of shrinkage. If you wish to remove any stain from cotton, use liquid detergent on the stain and then follow up with a regular machine wash in cold water.


As we move closer and closer to the winter months we are bound to use clothing made of polyester more often. Since most of the warm sweaters, jackets, scarfs are made of this material. If you’re unsure whether your clothing is made of polyester, just look at the tag. Before beginning to wash, make sure the tag says that the particular article can be washed at home. Since many polyester articles require dry cleaning only. When washing such clothing at home, we recommend using warm water and regular machine wash with your all-purpose detergent for the best results.


Again, with woolen clothes check the tag first to make sure that your item is washable. If it is, use cold water and regular detergent for washing. This method insures your clothes do not shrink and color remains vibrant. Be cautious if you are washing different colors together since colors on woolen clothes tend to bleed. We recommend washing items separately to avoid any possible accidents.


Silk is one of the most delicate fabrics and requires special care in terms of washing. However, not all silk clothing is washable and requires dry cleaning only. Check the label on your garment to see if it is washable. If it is, proceed with this method; Make a solution of 1 cup baby shampoo and 1 bucket of water. Gently soak the garment in this solution and hand wash for two to four minutes only. Do not rub harshly at all as that may weaken the fabric making it susceptible to tearing. We recommend using baby shampoo for washing silk as regular detergents can be too harsh.


Linen lasts best when washed by hand in cold or medium temperature water. You may use your regular detergent for this but be sure not to dump in too much unnecessarily.

Other tips:

Some other washing tips that apply for all types of fabrics are:

  1. Always wash clothing in soft water. Hard, mineralized water is the fabric’s worst enemy and one of the main reasons for fading and tearing.
  2. Never let your dirty clothes remain unwashed for weeks and weeks. If you wish to launder your garments with minimal effort and maximum efficiency wash them as soon as possible. Remember, stains can be tough be to remove if left unattended for long periods of time.

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