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Fall/Winter Trends For 2019

After a boiling hot and prolonged summer, we have finally entered October! Ahh… As the breeze begins to cool down and trees start turning leaves, it is time for all of us to get geared up for the fall season! This means tossing out the chiffon blouses and tees to the back of the cupboard and bringing out all the cute sweaters and jackets that we’ve all anxiously been waiting to wear again. Of course, with the changing season comes new fashion trends and what better way to know all about them than right here at Latest Ladies Fashion.

So, if you’re wanting to get up to date with upcoming fall trends follow along with this post.

The vibe for this year’s fall season is all things retro! From booth legged pants to bandanas, it seems the fashion industry is all set to take a trip down the memory lane.


Let’s first talk about the major upcoming tend, that is, of course, the bootlegged pants! Wide pants were seen in stores all through the summer and it seems that they are very well making their way into the winter as well. It has been predicted that old school, flared denim as well as the mom jeans or “boyfriend jeans” are going to be the most popular style in the upcoming months.


As mentioned above, retro fashion is making a comeback this year. That means you will be seeing a lot of square necklines. Sweaters, tops, dresses, they are all going to be featuring wide square necklines in fall 2019.

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True love has a habit of coming back,🙄

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Animal prints are generally the most sought after style every fall season. From leopard to cheetah to snakes, we love wearing all of them in the colder times! However, this time around it seems that snake print is winning the race. While animal printed tops have their own charm, they can be hard to pull off for the average woman. In case you feel the same way a great way to incorporate snake print subtly into your outfit is to wear snake print belts, bags or even shoes.

 Oversized jackets:

Similar to the more comfy, loose style pants, oversized, loose denim jackets and coats are about to be the hottest new trend.  So if you’re about to shop for one, remember to opt for a bigger size and rock the new style. Many of our local celebrities have already incorporated this trend into their outfits and looked super chic!

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No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Hence, when talking about clothing trends we had to mention them in here. Interestingly enough, this fall season accessories are going to play a key role! It has been predicted by fashion experts that silk scarfs and bandanas are going to be the “IT” thing in the upcoming months.  Seems like the designers are channeling their inner cowgirl this time around! But hey, we’re not complaining.

All in all, it seems some very cool new trends are on their way. We hope you are just as excited about them as we are.   

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