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Breaking Down The Latest “Big Lips” Look Into Simple Steps

Ever since the teen celeb Kylie Jenner plumped up her lips with botox, the pouty lip trend has taken over the masses like a storm and remains just as trendy to this day! It’s become so popular that Kylie herself earns millions by selling her lip kits to all girls who wish to achieve the same look. Similarly, there are many other products available on the market that claim to help you achieve those Kylie like big lips. However, most of such products are just gimmicks. The key to recreating the pouty lip look lies in the technique and not that product itself. If you want to know what that technique is, just keep on reading!

Before we begin the actual explanation of the technique lets first talk about the products you will need. To create this lip look you need:

  1. Lip pencil two to three tones darker than your natural lip color
  2. Your perfect nude lipstick that is almost the same as your natural lip shade
  3. A lighter shade of nude lipstick
  4.  A gloss (can be a nude shade or transparent)

When picking out these products you need to keep in mind the tone of your natural lip and pick out the shades that are most complimentary to your lip and skin tone.

Now let’s get into the fun part, the technique.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is begin lining your lips with the lip pencil. You are going to go over the lip line slightly for this look. If you like a defined cupid’s bow you can line the top corners of the bow of your lip slightly higher. However, if you prefer the more straightened out look you can draw a straight line connecting the tops of your lip bow instead of creating that “V” shape. Remember to only overline the lips subtly and not go overboard as that will create an unnatural look.

Step 2:

Once you’ve got the outline done, draw around 4 slanted lines with your lip liner on both the top and bottom lip. The lines should be drawn from the edge of your lips towards the center. This will give that “pouty” effect to the lips.

Step 3:

Now take your perfect nude shade and apply it to the center of your lips, almost going over the outline but not entirely.

Step 4:

Now take your lightest nude shade and apply it right at the very center of your lip.


Take a lip brush and gently blend the shades together in order to make the lip look seamless and natural.  Remember to do this gently as you don’t want to over blend and make the lip look all one color.

Step 6:

Apply your gloss on top using very light pressure. You can choose to either apply the gloss to your entire lip or just to the center.

Step 7:

The last step you need to take to perfect this look is to hit the top of your cupid’s bow with a highlighter and you’ve got yourself some fabulous, plump, pouty lips!

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