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Achieve The Latest Matte Lip Look With ANY Lipstick

Just like in the fashion world, trends in the makeup world also come and go every season. Some we like, some we don’t. There have been many makeup trends that gained insane popularity on social media. But as big as those trends were, they were quick to die out. Remember the clown contour? The wave brow? All these makeup trends were everywhere on all of ours instagram feeds but now they are nowhere to be found. However, there are some trends that have stuck around for a long time now and still receive the same amount of love. One of such trends is the matte lip. Matte lipsticks became a thing a few years ago and are still loved dearly by all. Nearly every brand has launched their matte lipsticks now. However, as much as we like the matte lip look, buying matte lipsticks is not always an option and sometimes you just want to create your own. Well, if you have ever felt that way, we’ve got just the solution for you. Follow the technique below to learn how to make any regular lipstick look matte!

Lip prep:

One thing that is common in all matt lip formulas is their lasting power. So, in order to ensure our regular bullet lipstick also lasts the same time, we need to take a few extra steps to prep our lips. Before you start your makeup, you are going to prep your lips by exfoliating them using a lip scrub. You can make this scrub at home with some sugar and olive oil or just brush your lips using a toothbrush and that will also do the job. Once you have nicely exfoliated all the dead skin off your lips you will apply a lip balm or some petroleum jelly to ensure smooth lipstick application.

Lipstick application:

Once you have prepped your lips well, this step should be very easy. All you need to do is apply lipstick as you usually would. Make sure the product is spread evenly all over the lips so that later on you don’t have to do any touch-ups.


Once the lipstick is applied, you are going to blot off the excess product. You can do so using a tissue paper. Just take a piece of tissue and hold it between your lips. Now press both your lips firmly onto it for a few seconds and you’re done.


Now, we get to the actual fun. As a final step to making lipstick look matte, you are going to take your loose translucent powder and apply that all over your lips. You can do this using a small eyeshadow brush or just your finger. Make sure to apply an even layer of powder to the entire upper and lower lip and then pat it in with your fingers slightly. Now, just press your lips together until the powder disappears and you’ve got yourself a matte lip!

In case you don’t have a translucent powder or your powder is a darker color than your lipstick, you can use some baby powder as well. And that’s it, you’ve successfully created a matte lipstick!

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