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5 Steps of Becoming a Fashion Model

Do I look like a model? If yes then how do I become one? This is the most asked question aspirant models ask themselves and the modeling agents.  In the world of information there are loads of sources which can provide the guideline towards becoming a fashion model, but sometimes it creates confusion and baffles the new comers who are in early stages of achieving their goal. Here are five easy ways to help them.  

1. Take Some Basic Snapshots

Initially, you have to present basic snapshots to the modeling agency. Usually they search for a good face shot; they include smiling ones and not smiling as well. Full length shot a back shot. Right and left profiles of your faces. 

Pictures in tight-fitting clothing like jeggings or leggings and a sleeveless simple top or t-shirt.are good choices. If wearing a swimsuit doesn’t effect your comfort level then go for that too. It might consists of one or two piece. Both kinds of swimsuits are fine. 

It is advised to the male models to wear boxers, shorts or jeans without shirt while taking the shots, as they to express their fitness form to the agents. 

 2. Get assessed by a Modeling Agency or a Professional Model Agent 

There are many people who decide to pursue modeling as their career, because they got compliments like you look like a model or you are as pretty as models are. Or among their social circle they have good physic and facial features. 

Well, that’s a plus point, but they need to assess their modeling capabilities by an experienced and skilled modeling agency. Because in this way they may figure out that what are the aspects an agency searches for in an aspirant model. However this step is not easy. Because you have no clue either the modeling agency or the agent has the skill and knowledge which can be useful to you. 

 In most cases newcomers are away from main stream market, in smaller markets agents are usually associated with a certain photography studio or a modeling school. In such scenario the aspirants may not get the proper assessment if that particular agency intends to sell their courses or the photo shoots.  It doesn’t mean that the photo shoots or courses are not worthy, they can be the baby steps to determine either you have the potential to be a model or not. 

3. Be a Exposure seeker 

Exposure is one that major key which leads towards success. There are many agencies which are affiliated with specific area/areas. Some are allocated for only renowned fashion models. While others may only deal with commercial models. if you are not fulfilling the criteria of any particular agency then you shouldn’t be disappointed. 

It is important to get noticed by the agents or agency. The best way of getting exposure is to meet or attend the calls from the agency, in case you are away from the major markets then sending photos to the agencies is a great option. For purpose of saving your time and money emailing is the best option. Send your snaps via email.  

It is very essential to work with those people who have understanding and connections with modeling agencies. Moris Talent Hunt is such a platform which provides you the exposure to be seen by agencies in the easiest possible way.

4. Knowledge of the Best Modeling Market

There are number of modeling and fashion markets, most particularly Paris, Milan, London or Tokyo. These places are the markets for models to work and earn. Beside that the word ‘Market’ refers to a certain type like petite market, plus market, commercial market or fashion market. 

Whilst the successful models who walk on the ramps or featured on the covers of magazines they work in all markets. Even if you’re not featured by an agency in Paris or New York, you have the chance to be represented in Asian markets such as Singapore or Tokyo. An agency can help you to be on the right place according to your looks.  

 5. Stay determined

Becoming a supermodel is not an easy process. You can’t be famous over night. It always takes times and a long route to be a professional model.  There are so many successful models like Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls who got rejections in the early stages of their careers and were not signed by agencies. 

As it is a process of shaping you into something from nothing, so be optimistic. In this whole process where many agencies do not acknowledge your talent. But many others may find and polish a hidden supermodel in you. You might miss a chance today but you might get a one tomorrow. 

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