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5 Simple Ways To Style Your Scarf

Amongst all accessories scarves are definitely the most versatile. They can be worn both in the day and the night time, with formal or casual, in winter or summer. From woolen to silk, short to long scarves are available in all kinds of different colors, sizes, and fabrics. Not only are they incredibly stylish but also highly functional. Hence we definitely recommend adding a couple of them to your wardrobe. Here we are listing for you all the different ways you can style a scarf.

The loop:

This is one of the easiest ways to style your scarf. You will need a medium length scarf for this style. In order to form the loop, just fold your scarf in half and put it behind your neck. Now bring both ends forward and put the loose ends through the loop. Adjust the tightness as per your liking and you’re done! This style is best suited for when you want to wear a sweater or a coat over the scarf.

Draped over one shoulder:

If you’re feeling fancy and want to opt for that high fashion look, this is the look for you! This style works best with fur or woolen scarves, or with the desi embroidered shawl and stoles. All you want to do to achieve this style is drape your scarf over one shoulder. It’s super simple yet incredibly stylish. If your scarf is too wide to fit on your shoulder you can fold it lengthwise to make it narrow.

Draped over both shoulders:

You can wear your scarf in a poncho style by draping it over both your shoulders. This is style is perfect for all those chilly days when you don’t want to be all layered up but still want to feel warm. Not only does this style keep you warm, but it also serves as a great cover-up. If you’re wearing a dress with short sleeves and don’t want to show all that skin, just drape a cute scarf over your shoulders and you’re all set!

Wrapped around the neck:

Wearing a scarf wrapped around your neck is the one style that can be achieved with all different kinds of scarves. Be it wool, cotton or silk, all kinds of scarves look great when styled this way. For the wintertime wearing a woolen scarf wrapped around your neck is a great way to keep yourself feeling cozy all day long. We recommend using a bright-colored scarf for this look in order to add a pop of color to brighten up those dull winter days. Similarly, during the summertime, a cotton scarf can be worn loosely wrapped around your neck to add a fun element to your look. You can play around with different prints to achieve your desired look.

Scarf purely as an accessory:

Now that we’ve discussed all the stylish yet functional ways of wearing a scarf, let’s talk about how you can style a scarf in a more subtle manner. If you want to wear a cool, vibrant scarf but don’t want to seem over the top, just tie it around the handle of your bag! This way you’ve incorporated all the fun elements of the scarf to your look without actually having to wear it! Truly a win-win situation.

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