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5 Simple Hairstyles For Short Hair

Be it a longing for change, shedding hair or a bad breakup. Whatever the reason may be, every woman has taken the leap of faith and chopped off her hair at least once in her life. While having short hair can be incredibly freeing, styling it can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you’ve had long hair for most of your life. If you’re currently sailing the same boat or just looking for some hair inspo. You’ve come to just the right place. Read on to know some simple ways you rock your short hair.

Half hair with a Barrette:

As gorgeous and low maintenance short hair is, sometimes it can get slightly annoying when you cannot tuck your hair strands away. So, a cute way to style your short hair and have it away from your face is to do a half-up hairstyle. To create this look, simply gather your hair from the top half of the head and pin it in place using a barrette. Since this style is super simple adding that barrette gives it the perfect touch of elegance. This hairstyle is specifically ideal for females who have full-time jobs and want a fuss-free, yet chic hairdo

Beachy waves

The beachy waves look gorgeous on all lengths of hair. But specifically on short hair. This is the perfect hairstyle to do on special occasions where you want to look sexy and sultry. In order to achieve this look just take small sections of your hair and wrap it around the curling wand. Switch the direction of the curl with each section and you’re done! Since you’ve got short hair, this hairstyle should really take you no time to do. If you’re going for a messier look, give your hair a couple of sprays of a texturizing spray, scrunch it up and you’re good to go

One braid

If you want to look super cute and feminine look you should opt for this “one braid” hairstyle. It is a really simple, unique and fun way to style your short hair. This hairstyle looks equally good with straight or loosely curled hair. To create it, all you need to do it part your hair down the middle, take an approximately 2 to 3 inch section from one part of your hair and braid it. Once you’ve got your braid simple pin it back over your ear and you’re done. If you don’t like parting your hair in the middle you can also do the same with a side part.

Low bun

The low bun hairstyle is for all the occasions you need to look formal and want to keep your hair out of your face. To achieve this look, part your hair to your usually part. Now take the section on one side of the part and start twisting it. Keep twisting the hair and keep adding more strands of hair as you move lower until you reach all the way to the other side of your head and then pin it in place. Repeat the same for the other side. Firmly hold the twist in place and secure it with some bobby pins. This hairstyle may need a little practice but its definitely worth it!

Hair clips

If you’re super high fashion and willing to take a bold step with your hair, this is the look for you. All you’ve got to do to create this look is part your hair down the middle and clip your hair with a hairclip on either side and that’s all you have to do to look like you’re a model just off the runway!

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