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5 Quick Heatless Hairstyles

We all know that putting heat on our hair every day is bad. It deteriorates the quality of the hair and makes it prone to breakage and split ends. Not to mention it is also incredibly time-consuming to either blow-dry, curl or straighten your hair every day. So for all the girls who wish to protect their precious locks or just don’t have the time to heat style their hair every day, we’ve got for you some simple hairdos that you can wear create with ease and without using any heat.

The messy ponytail:

The messy ponytail is a hairstyle that requires minimal skill and time. It is so simple that it can even be done by a total hair noob. To create this style just tie your hair neatly into a tight ponytail on the top of your head. Once your hair is secured, take a teasing comb and lightly tease the ends of the hair to add some texture and give that “messy” look. If your hair is prone to flyaways or you’ve got some baby hair, you can hairspray the front of your hair to ensure the style stays put throughout the day and you’re done. It’s as simple as that!

The classic top knot:

This is another easy, quick hairstyle that requires no heat. Although this is a rather popular hairstyle, it truly is a savior in a situation where you don’t even have the time to brush your hair. We do recommend brushing your though. So, to create this look all you have to do is gather all your hair right on top of your head and twist them. Then, place them on your head in a coiling motion. Once you’ve got the hair in place secure your bun with some bobby pins. Pull out some strands from the sides of your face to give a cuter look!

Half up with a braid:

This hairstyle is a variation of the basic half-up hairdo. This style is perfect to keep your hair out of your face yet still having it look stylish. It’s also super feminine and ideal for a school day or any other day time event. To achieve this look part your hair right over your ears and gather all the hair on top neatly. Tie this part of the hair into a ponytail. Now, braid this ponytail and tie it at the end. The kind of braid you do depends upon your choice, skill and ease. You can again pull out some strands from the front to frame your face and you’re done.

Two french braids:

This hairstyle definitely requires some skills and strong arms but it looks so great, the effort is totally worth it. Although french braiding your hair may seem like a complicated task, it’s really just a work of practice. Once you get the hang of it, this hairstyle should be easy for you to achieve. In order to create it all you need to do is part your hair down the middle and french braid both the sections. This hairstyle is super cute, fun and perfect for everyday

The one side french braid:

If you want to look more polished and have a little less time on your hands to be able to do two french braids then even one will do the job! This hairstyle is great for day or night time occasions. All you need to do in order to create is this look is part your hair in a deep side part. French braid the side with less hair and keep braiding until you reach about halfway across the head and then secure with a pin.

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