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25 Life-Changing Makeup Tips That Every Girl Must know

Meta: Every girl wants to look beautiful and although everyone is beautiful in their own way, makeup helps in making us presentable. Here are 25 life changing makeup tips that every girl should know.  

Makeup has been used by people of all ages to enhance their features. Women of all ages and of all sizes use makeup. Young girls use makeup to make their skin look flawless and old women use makeup to achieve a youthful glow. The love for makeup is universal, but you cannot achieve all that makeup has to offer until and unless you learn to perfect its application. These quick and easy tips are essential for every girl to know, one cannot apply makeup perfectly without them.

Applying makeup is easy once you get the hang of it. For beginners, the task must seem difficult at best but with practice comes perfection. You can perfect your makeup in no time at all if you just follow these easy and simple life changing makeup tips. 

  1. Know Your Complexion:

You have to know the color of your skin tone first and foremost. All makeup that you use has to complement your complexion. If you do not know your complexion, you will not be able to choose the right makeup products for your skin tone. 

Along with knowing the color of your skin, you must also know what type of skin you have. There are various products available in the market all targeted towards different skin types. Dry skin requires different liquid based products and oily skin requires mattifying products. Therefore skin types and skin tone both need to be known by the person venturing into the makeup world.

  1. Moisturize Before Applying Makeup:

Moisturizing your skin is an important aspect of applying makeup. It provides a base for your skin upon which you will apply your makeup. Moisturizer should be applied in upword strokes as it prevents premature aging and sagging of skin. 

Different moisturizers are targeted towards different skin types. Choose a moisturizer that is most suitable for your skin type. 

When moisturizer is not applied before makeup, the foundation becomes flaky and tends to stick to dry patches in your skin. This makes the foundation look cakey and not at all attractive. The purpose of foundation is to make your skin even toned and flawless, that purpose is lost if one does not moisturize first. 

  1. Go for some suitable Lip Liners

If you want to have the perfect pouty lips and want to give them a beautiful and natural look then you should know the perfect way of applying lip liners. 

Wear lip liners with the correct shade of lipsticks. Do not opt for completely different colors. Many make the mistake of wearing lip liners that do not match the color of their lipsticks and that ends up in an unattractive look. Instead, wear lip liners either of the same color or a shade lighter of your lipstick color.  

  1. Contour and Highlight

Yes, it is a fact that contouring and highlighting is a kind of art and they can only be learnt with practice. You can make use of contouring powder right underneath your cheek bones; this kind of contouring will make your face look much more sharp and defined. When you contour your face you are defining your features and making them appear in a new light. You should know which areas of your face to sculpt and which areas of your face to highlight. Both need to be balanced for a flawless finish. 

  1. Applying The Right Amount of Eye Shadow:

You can make use of a piece of tape and place it diagonally at the corner of your eye, in this way; you will be applying the right and perfect kind of eye shadows. This tape will be like a stencil and will also help you not to apply too much eye shadow on your eyes. This gives your eyes a clean look. When applying more than one eye shadow special care should be taken to avoid harsh and defined lines. All eye shadows should be perfectly blended. 

  1. Application of Primer Can Do Wonders:

Applying primer before makeup is a must; it minimizes the appearance of pores and helps to give your makeup a healthy look. It will not be clogging up your pores. They have skin soothing botanicals and it helps to refresh your skin too. It also keeps your makeup in place, what else does anyone want? 

Applying primer before makeup helps lock in the moisture and the makeup and prevents it from wearing off as the day progresses. Many make up professionals deem this makeup product as a must have essential for all those who love applying makeup. 

  1. Applying the right Makeup Shades:

If you are really in the mood of enhancing your natural beauty then make sure that you do not pick up any random kind of makeup shade for your face. All makeup shades and colors do not go perfectly with all skin tones. There are some special colors for each skin tone that help brighten up the face and accentuate your natural beauty. 

All makeup shades that you apply must complement each other. You want to look flawless and to achieve flawlessness in your makeup look you need to make sure that everything goes well together. 

However, one should always take the time to experiment with different colors and determine what best suits their skin. 

  1. Powder or Liquid Foundations?

It is generally observed that liquid foundations are the ideal type of foundation! They can hide any skin imperfection. It is also observed that powder foundations can also provide you with beautiful and natural looks. 

But both suit different types of skin. If you have oily skin your should use a powder foundation, if you have dry skin then you should either use a cream based foundation or a liquid foundation. The type of foundations you use depend upon personal preference. 

  1. Applying the right Mascara:

Mascara defines your eyes. It makes your lashes darker, longer and thicker. It can bring about a massive difference in your eyes. Most mascara come with different wands. This is a trial and error method; you have to experiment with different mascaras in order to find one that best works for you. Water proof mascara is the best, because it is sweat proof and water proof. You can wear it to the pool and to the beach and it will not wash off. This saves you the trouble of checking your mascara repeatedly and reapplication. 

  1. Applying Dramatic Eyeliner:

Eyeliner defines the shape of your eyes. An eye liner can work any way you want it too. If you apply it in a simple application it will help define your eyes. If you want an edgy look you should opt for cat eye styles and winged styles. 

There are different kinds of eyeliners available. Black is the color mostly used but if you want a less defined and more natural look then you should opt for a brown colored eye liner. If you want to have fun with your look then you can also choose various colors. 

  1. Getting The Best Out of Your Eye Shadows:

They enhance your eye color and give you different looks. The first thing that people notice about your makeup is your eye shadow. It is best if you choose the eye shadow colors that best match your eye color, that way you can help bring out the color of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, then you can have warm browns and peach kind of tones. If you have Brown colored eyes then you can go for neutral kind of shadows. So, if you want your eyes to be the main focus of your face, then you should definitely choose your eye shadow colors accordingly.

  1. Highlight your Eyes to Make Them Bigger:

If you are not blessed with big eyes and have always envied those who have them, it is time that you stop. You can get your eyes to look bigger and more awake easily. All that you require for this simple makeup trick is white eye shadow. Apply white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes, below your brow bone and in the middle of your eyelid. Apply the eye shadow using your ring finger. This will make your eyes look bigger and more awake. Do not forget to blend in the eye shadow nicely. 

  1. Apply Eye Shadow Primer:

Apply an eye shadow primer all over your eye lids. This will help intensify your eye shadow color and make your eye shadow last longer. 

If you do not have an eye shadow primer, you can use a white eye pencil instead. Use a white pencil to color your eyelid. Apply your eye shadow above it. This will make the color of your eye shadow more vibrant and intense. It will also help in making the eye shadow stay longer than it normally would.   

  1. Curl Your Eyelashes:

It is seen that the curling of your eyelashes adds a certain amount of drama to your style it also adds in a lot of length. It is better to do the curling at the base of the lashes for 10 seconds. You can also heat your lash curler for about 3-5 seconds and then curl them. These curly eye lashes will give your eyes a more defined and bold look. 

Eyelashes add drama to your look. If you want to look edgy then you should definitely not skip this step. 

If you apply mascara after curling your eye lashes it will make them even bigger and more defined. 

  1. Choosing the Right Bronzer

You have to be very much careful while selecting the bronzer. You should always get the shade of bronzer that correctly matches your skin tone. Bronzer helps in giving our face a more sculpted look. 

Bronzer can be applied below the cheeks to give the appearance of higher cheek bones and it can also be applied on the sides of your nose to make your nose look thinner. The right shade of bronzer provides a natural sun kissed glow to the face. 

  1. Blush shades:

Choosing the correct shade of blush for your makeup look is an important step. Different shades give a different look to your face. Warm shades add warmth and a glow to the face. If you want a more sweet and flirty look then you should opt for light pink shades. If you want your makeup look to be bold then you should opt for red shades. 

Blush should be applied at different levels of the cheeks for different face shapes. A person with an oval face should apply the blush below the cheek bone and a person with a heart shaped or square shaped face should apply it on the apples of their cheeks. 

  1. Concealer is Your Best friend:

Yes, it is a fact that concealer is a girl’s best friend. It helps hide discoloration, freckles and all other imperfections. A concealer should be matched perfectly with the skin tone. Without a concealer all our imperfections would be in plain view. Concealer makes us look more awake by hiding our dark circles and under eye bags. Therefore, one should invest in a good quality concealer, one that correctly matches your skin tone.

  1. Choose Some Stunning Lipstick shades

To give your lips a stunning and gorgeous pop of color, you should apply some suitable shades on your lips. Like if you have an olive skin tones then you can have these blue-based colors, they will look dazzling on you and if you have golden skin tones then warm kind of shades will look best on you. 

  1. Get the perfect Lip Gloss:

To add a natural glow to your lips you should use lip gloss. It is easy to apply and does not leave room for any imperfections. It will give you a dramatic look. Many girls do not opt for lipsticks, instead they tend to gravitate towards lip glosses as they are easier to apply and provide your lips with the perfect sheen.

  1. Apply Foundation On Your Neck:

We have seen many of the girls that apply foundation all over their faces but neglect the neck area. This results in your face and your neck becoming two different shades. This looks unattractive. Therefore do not neglect the neck area, give it the same love and care that you do to your face. 

  1. Get some fine quality Finishing Powder

It is essential for you to have some fine quality finishing powder. If you do not set your makeup with some setting powder it will not have a long life. Makeup without setting powder tends to wash away and fade away very easily with time. Therefore be sure to invest in some setting/finishing powder. This also helps to mattify your look.  

  1. Get The Perfect Shape of Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are an essential part of your face. Treat them with care. Gets the perfect shape of eyebrows by defining them using an eye brow kit. Fill in your eyebrows for a more natural look.

  1. Keep Your Dark Circles Under Control:

Get a solid 8 hours of sleep or cover your eyelid with cucumber slices. You can also cover them up with cold tea bags or with a cold metal spoon to minimize your dark circles. 

If you do not have the time to minimize your dark circles then you should conceal them using a concealer.

  1. Do not apply Clumpy Mascara

Applying messy kind of mascara will give you all kinds of bad results. Mascara has a two to four months shelf life. Throw away your mascara after this point. If you have clumpy mascara then you should mix 2 -3 drops of saline solution/ contact solution and shake the mascara.  

Do not several coats of mascara as that can lead to clumpy eye lashes. 

  1. Do the Lip Exfoliation

Always make sure that your lips are smooth. To have smooth lips you must exfoliate them using a lip scrub. If you do not have a lip scrub you can make your own by mixing Vaseline and sugar. Rub this paste gently over your lips. 

Smooth lips provide a smooth application of lipstick. If you do not exfoliate your lips, your lipstick will look clumpy and not at all attractive. Therefore, exfoliate your lips every week to maintain smooth lips for better makeup application.


“Do you want to look beautiful in hot summer season then have a look at these 25 life changing makeup tips? These makeup tips are very simple and basic and girls should apply them.” 

Here are 25 life changing make up tips to help you get a flawless and natural makeup look. Follow these easy steps to make your makeup application better.”

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